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Penis Enhancement Surgery: A Self Help Guide for Men
Auteur: Faiz Ansari

Uitgever : Trafford Publishing
ISBN nummer : 1412007410
Publicatiedatum : 24-10-2003
Taal : Engels
Trefwoord : plastische chirurgie

From the original version first published in 1997, which sold in over 14 countries, Faiz Ansari has again come to the aid of the average man. Finally, after much anticipation, an expanded and updated version of Penis Enhancement Surgery A Self Help Guide for Men, has been released. Having undergone the trials of cosmetic surgery and working within the medical profession, Ansari is able to describe, in everyday language, various procedures, options, possible complications and associated risks. Where he leaves off, former patients continue with their own personal experiences. Practicing surgeons have also contributed, so their procedures and methods can be investigated. Ansari's understanding and caring nature coupled with his medical knowledge, have produced a reference book that is not only informative but interesting and easy to read. If you are even remotely considering some sort of penis enhancement procedure, then this book is for you. You only have one penis and this information packed book might save you a lot of money, potential complications and heartache. A MUST read for anybody considering this surgery.